The development sector faces particular hurdles that derive from the complexity of global problems. Difficulties in changing the mindset and behavior of beneficiaries, the barriers encountered in scaling, failure to respond to change, and the challenge of properly measuring impact are becoming more and more inevitable in the development world. Nevertheless, the development sector needs an innovative mindset and, to the same extent, innovative programming strategies. ​ 


Innovation for Development (I4D) was founded to answer the fundamental question: How can we generate innovative ideas and develop better responses to the world’s toughest problems? 


At I4D, we specialize in complex and challenging environments. We provide policy-relevant insights and deliver cost-effective, impactful programming by actively engaging beneficiaries, creative industries and development practitioners in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


Our modus operandi is putting social impact at the heart of our daily operations, determined by our full commitment to tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. 


Our strength is bringing reputable technical experts to the table to create sector-shaping tools and state-of-the-art development solutions framed by social innovation. 


Our added value is listening to the people we serve. Scale-up planning for groundbreaking interventions with the active involvement of all stakeholders—both affecting and affected parties—is our indispensable commitment to the impact ecosystem.


focus areas.




Sevgi Şairoğlu Sezginer

Project Lead


Doğan Çelik



Beril Gür

Communications and Storytelling Lead


Mohammed Alard

Project Officer

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Suhael Al Owis

Digital Marketing & SEO Lead


Senem Küçüknane

Project Assistant

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Furkan Dogu

Project Assistant


Sergen Kızılhan

Project Assistant


our partners.

I4D cooperates with a range of actors in the field to incite innovation and ensure continuity of support and longevity of impact, some of which include:

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