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Traditional business models come short in resolving the ever-changing and complex challenges of contemporary society. High demand for jobs, limited resources and a lack of social integration make it difficult for disadvantaged groups to enter the market for income generation and self-reliance. New pathways must be paved to alleviate the resource burden by granting access to work and economic self-reliance. Actors must go beyond traditional thinking and develop innovative solutions to society’s issues by supporting the agency of individuals whose experience and resilience are overlooked, but can be utilized for economic and social change.



At I4D we invest in entrepreneurs as innovators for social good -- by uplifting values through business plans and their execution.

We support and create value-oriented businesses built on models with equity at the center, making an impact by employing disadvantaged groups as well as through the products or services that they provide.

I4D designs new non-traditional models that bridge the gap between disadvantaged groups and private and public actors to generate mutually beneficial business relationships. Through this, I4D challenges the norms against vulnerable groups and positions them as key contributors to pave the way for a more inclusive economy through innovative business modalities.

Our flagship project in social entrepreneurship: 
The HALKA Women’s Cooperative:

HALKA is a female-led cooperative offering cleaning services in Izmir. The primary objective is to promote women’s economic empowerment by advancing their capacities and leadership skills. By strengthening women’s ability to join the workforce and ensure their participation in the decisions that affect their lives, our work enhances efforts towards women’s rights advocacy and eliminating discrimination against women.

Through HALKA, 20 disadvantaged women (10 Turkish-Kurdish, 10 Syrian) have entered the workforce and provide cleaning services by leveraging municipality procurement needs.

The project launched in December 2019 is financed by the European Union under the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey, administered by the World Bank and implemented by Impact Hub Istanbul with daily operational support provided by I4D. 

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