I4D believes in Communication for Development’s (C4D) transformational impact. C4D is a progressive communication methodology that aims to bring together all the determinants of the development ecosystem, ensure coordination, ensure visibility and strengthen capacity with a democratic and participatory perspective.

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Saleem's Story

To reflect the common tragedy of refugees we focus on micro-stories to move  beyond intangible statistics. Through our impact storytelling services to the humanitarian aid and development world in the region, we are pleased to deliver the trilogy, as we follow Saleem, a young Syrian boy's journey.  

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As part of impact storytelling, we filmed the stories of Women Entrepreneurs Challenging COVID-19 Project stakeholders. I4D believes that economic and social inclusion  of vulnerable groups generate a dynamic impact to make the world a better place for all of us.

Project Zoom

Project Zoom

Prejudice, this great barrier in social life can turn into an insurmountable obstacle for refugees. In order to combat barriers that arise in all areas of life, we try to break down the "barriers" and create a social impact by telling their stories through the eyes and voices of “the affected”. In this context, we tried to deal with these stories within the framework of "constructive journalism".

We wanted to highlight the positive sides of people's stories without drowning them too much in the "difficult" aspects of their stories and to show their success and the added value they created.

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Development Talks

The ecosystem of development has come to the fore as a sector that has gradually expanded its repertoire with new intervention areas and concept sets in different fields in Turkey. Hereby, the day-to-day operation and workload of development interventions go far beyond creating an experience transfer area for sector workers. Experts working in local, regional, and international development fields for decades have a lot to tell the next generation of development professionals, especially in a sector that does not like to be visible.


Sima's Story

The lives of the “vulnerable” include thousands of barriers to inclusion in social and economic life. With impact storytelling, I4D  brings one(s) who challenge(s) to surpass the barriers with his/her own efforts to make life much better. Impact Storytelling is a good framework to increase resilience capacity of the affected with showing role-models.



I4D brings to light the lives that are just a "number" from statistical data.  We are trying to show the whole world the fact that refugees, women and many more disadvantaged groups are subjects not data to evaluate. We fit all the struggle for existence, hopes and fears in life in a frame.