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A Retro-innovative Perspective for Sustainable Economies: Mobile Pastoralism

The Problem

Sarıkeçililer, one of the biggest nomad groups of Turkey, is experiencing crucial problems to sustain their nomadic culture; the pressure of forced adaptation to settled life, and challenges to access to the market. Sarıkeçililer aims to protect their nomadic identity when reaching out to the market with their pastoral products. But, how?

The Solution

I4D organized a workshop, a field research and a business development event to identify ways to increase the livelihoods of Sarıkeçililer while they are pursuing their own nomadic identity.

The Impact

I4D provided workshops which included product development and cooperation with new stakeholders to improve market access of Sarıkeçililer. With these attempts Sarıkeçililer obtained new private sector partners and framework to market-oriented products.

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