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ICT Management Consultancy

The Problem

Entrepreneurs from vulnerable groups are more likely to fall behind in market competition due to external factors. They require coping mechanisms to make their business resilient to unforeseen circumstances and rapid changes in a country where the social network of refugees is limited.

The Solution

Members of disadvantaged groups possess skills that are in high demand in the market, however, their qualifications and therefore expertise are often not recognized. I4D works to address such gaps through certification of those skills in order to support individuals in career re-entry and contribute to their respective fields.

The Impact

ICT Consultancy Training for Refugees was designed by I4D to certify Syrian ICT professionals to work as management consultants within the ICT sector in Turkey. The 3-day training program was designed to build business capacity for vulnerable groups by widening their network and client base. The training was financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and facilitated by I4D.

As a result of the training, 18 professionals were certified for their ICT skills and expertise. Accordingly, the same professionals went on to be advisors and management consultants to the EBRD through the bank’s pool of experts.

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