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Empowered Women in Digital Age
Empowered Women in Digital Age

“Empowered Women in the Digital Age ” is a project aiming to digitalize and enable access to online marketplaces of 20 women cooperatives and/or entrepreneurs operating in Turkey with refugee partnerships. Within the scope of the project, 20 women entrepreneurs/cooperatives will receive comprehensive training and mentoring support and will benefit from the support of Hepsiburada Technology Empowerment for Women Entrepreneurs Program. The project beneficiaries will receive an additional support package (shipping, photo shoot, etc.) which will be specifically determined for the project. Moreover, inspiring stories of women producers will be shared on social media channels. As the final product of the project, a research report will be published on the use of e-commerce platforms by women entrepreneurs and their cooperatives. The report will include the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and cooperatives in e-commerce, programs that support women's digital transformation, and solutions for the problems.

Empowered Women in
Digital Age

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