Digital Transformation



A rapidly changing economic environment due to the implications of COVID-19 requires SMEs to adapt through digital transformation to prevent loss of their customer bases and keep up in an increasingly competitive market.



The ‘new normal’ and globalization have changed the way that many SMEs operate, requiring them to undergo digital transformation to stay relevant and compete in local and international markets.


I4D facilitates digitalization through training in key e-commerce, online sales management, and marketing skills to expand SME client bases and growth potential. These projects help SMEs to identify their target markets and tools to reach customers whose needs align with their business solutions.

The flagship project in digital transformation: 
Women Entrepreneurs Conquering COVID-19 (WECC-19)

Women Entrepreneurs Conquering COVID-19 (WECC-19) is a project in partnership with Hepsiburada to provide a COVID-19 resiliency package and digitalization of 35 female-headed SMEs in Turkey. 


The aim is to support female-led SMEs to digitalize their businesses and become sellers on the Hepsiburada eCommerce platform as a key step in entering the market by enabling online sales, accessing a wider market and potential sales volume through the heavily trafficked site during and after COVID-19 amidst rapidly changing and challenging consumer behaviours and economic shrinkage. 


WECC-19 provides business skills training in essential skills and technical support through mentorship for the success and sustainability of SMEs through digitalization and online sales.  All provisions will be conducted via accessible online platforms to increase geographical inclusion and comply with social distancing to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

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