Business Support Mechanisms



Disadvantaged groups comparatively have fewer resources to ensure the resiliency of their businesses, such as access to finance, legal advice, and local business acumen.  A deficit in these areas makes businesses and the families that they support more vulnerable and aid-dependent, and self-reliance difficult to obtain.



I4D helps SMEs to gain traction and growth through core business skills training via incubation and accelerators and facilitate relationships that lead to new opportunities through mentoring and matchmaking.


Our value proposition is to create a business and mentoring environment where sectoral experts and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds come together on the basis of business opportunities to overcome visible and invisible barriers in the market. I4D leverages relationships with chambers, business and investor networks located in different cities to the advantage of all parties. 


These programs set the stage for social cohesion, as we create common ground for actors involved, regardless of nationality or background.

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