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Business 4 Social Cohesion

The Problem

Numerous factors limit the access and capacity of entrepreneurs from disadvantaged groups to navigate the Turkish market, including deficiencies in local knowledge, awareness of social and business norms, legal processes, language skills, and more. Entrepreneurs require support to overcome such barriers with the help of those fluent in the market, who can act as an ally as they take steps toward success.

The Solution

I4D bolsters the success of SMEs through much needed 1-on-1 support in the form of mentorship that allows them to take control in an environment that poses many challenges.


We design mentorship programs to support entrepreneurs in reaching their business goals as they benefit from the skills and know-how of reputable experts who play advisory roles. With our tailor-made model to match SMEs, we aspire to support entrepreneurs to realize their potential.

The Impact

Experts from a range of sectors work as I4D mentors to assist mentees in navigating the Turkish business world, overcoming obstacles, and making meaningful connections for business success and social impact. Mentorship often results in long-term business relationships through which SMEs become integrated into mentor supply chains and their networks.


Business 4 Social Cohesion is a mentoring service designed by I4D. The main goal is to deepen the sense of belonging among the private sector and disadvantaged communities regardless of ethnicity or origin of country. B4SC continues to expand its network through chambers, business and investor networks located in different cities, particularly in Turkey’s top 10 refugee-hosting cities.


B4SC brings talented entrepreneurs and mentors together to turn ideas into business plans, and entrepreneurs into problem-solvers for sectors ranging from startups to nongovernmental organizations.

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