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Digital Technologies for the Resilience of SMEs

The Problem

Nowadays all enterprises are leveraging digital technologies to grow and increase their income channels. As these technologies are constantly changing, small enterprises find it challenging to adapt to fast changing technologies to enhance business performance. Similarly, Syrian-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey face several challenges while actively operating in a new market and getting familiar with the concept of  the digitalization transition.

The Solution

Upon the collaboration of Building Markets and I4D to support businesses to implement the best technologies and tools that enable them to drive long-term, sustainable business growth, I4D have worked with Syrian SMEs in Turkey to develop a clear understanding on adapting digital technologies and to integrate them into the supply chain of big e-commerce platforms.

The Impact

In the course of every intervention, I4D has rigorously handled each Syrian-led SME based on its unique character and needs identified. In doing so, tailor-made digital marketing support was provided to 15 Syrian-led SMEs on the purpose of overcoming visible and invisible barriers in access to digital marketing solutions.

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