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From Bedesten to Digital Bazaar: The Grand Transformation

What is the problem?


Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration (GAP) is one of the biggest regional development initiatives in Turkey, and needs to develop a clearly well-identified strategy document on digitalization of producers and social enterprises covering nine cities in the Southeastern of Turkey. The main challenges of the region are limited access to digital markets and lack of technical capacity in production, distribution and integration to the marketplaces. 




The path for digitalization strategy can emerge as a key milestone to determine the route of digital transformation for the region. When considering the wide range scale of the region, the experts feedback should have been enriched with the field observations and direct touch with possible beneficiaries to select the requirements of the grand strategy. 



To investigate the main challenges on the digitalization agenda of GAP, two workshops (problem seeking & solution) were realized with participation of experts from e-commerce platforms to regional development experts. The roadmap was prepared with intense reporting with the reflections of workshops and the main roadmap was prepared and presented to GAP Administration.

After the roadmap for digitalization of the cooperatives and social entrepreneurs, the field visits covering 9 cities at SoE of Turkey was held to provide profiling the producer and production for the digital marketing. Profiling process has been enriched with expert reports to enlighten the GAP Administration region in the context of digital transformation.